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Manchester is one of the UKs strongest off-plan investment markets, offering high capital growth rates and high-yielding rentals. Manchester’s thriving local economy minimises the risk for investors.

Historically, Manchester was known as the centre for cotton goods when it grew dramatically and developed its current excellent transport system, including the extension of its canal system.  It also enjoys excellent transport links with London, Liverpool, Birmingham, and the North.

Manchester has a thriving music, arts, and sporting culture as well as three well known museums which bring many visitors to the city.  It is also well known for its focus on the creative, IT and digital industries with many businesses moving to the city, for example BBC, Coop, Google, Astra-Zenica and Siemens to mention a few.

Manchester is home to four universities which has fuelled a move to young people moving to the city. 

Demand for rental properties in Manchester is at an all-time high which is driving more off-plan investment opportunities.

The main benefits in investing off plan in Manchester are:

  • Plenty of growth in its off-plan property market
  • Booming economy catering to the creative industries, IT and digital companies
  • Opportunities from major redevelopment
  • Large student population requiring rental properties
  • Excellent transport links
  • Payment plans

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