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London is a global hub with a solid property market and is considered a financial centre. Local and global investors enjoy high capital growth and rental prices, with a top-ranking real estate industry and safe capital growth.  It is the centre of much international trade and finance.  Since Brexit it has reinvented itself.

Communication links are strong with the London underground, national rail networks to all major UK cities, a rail link via the channel tunnel to the EU, and six airports in the vicinity.

The city also boasts a huge range of cultural attractions, food culture and an impressive sporting calendar.

In London, property prices have risen faster than any other region in the UK over the past ten years.  This has led to a wide range of off-plan investment opportunities.

The main benefits in investing off plan in London are:

  • Plenty of growth in its off-plan property market
  • Booming economy catering to the finance industry and global brands
  • Opportunities for redevelopment
  • Professional population requires rental properties
  • Excellent transport links
  • UK capital city
  • Payment plans

Our experience of selling off plan in London

Property investment Loondon

Examples of properties available

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