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Perfectly Linked Properties is your bespoke property investment and development opportunity partner, offering off-plan property investment, property development, project management and property lettings.  Come and speak to us if you are looking for high capital growth and/or high yield property investments.

Opportunities are available in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Dubai. We also have links to developers in other towns and cities around the UK who have a selection of off-plan property investments available.

Property investment first time buyers

First Time Buyers

First time buyers who wish to invest in a property of their own.

Property investment company

First Time Investors

First time investors who wish to begin their investment journey with an experienced property company who will guide them through the initial stages of establishing and growing their own investment business.

Property investment advice

Experienced Investors

Experienced investors who either want to make an additional purchase, or who would benefit from a fully supported package.

Types of investment Available

We have a variety of off-plan investments available around the UK and in Dubai – these are generally the following types of properties: 

  • Homes / housing developments
  • Student accommodation
  • Apartment blocks
  • Hotels (especially in Dubai)

Call One of Our Friendly Staff Today!

We’re always available to help, to offer advice & answer any questions you may have regarding making a property investment in the UK, and Dubai

Call: 0800 197 5621
or: 0121 514 8847

Property investment in Birmingham

Why invest with perfectly linked properties?

  • Purchase below market comparable prices with off-plan properties
  • Assured rental income
  • Achieve a high % return on investment over several years
  • Work with well-known and recognised developers.
  • Fully managed investment designed for UK and overseas investors
  • No retainer fees

Sourcing highly profitable property development & ready made apartments”

One of the main advantages to working with Perfectly Linked Properties is our ability to perform due diligence as part of our free service.  This means that we thoroughly research each area we work in, we evaluate the last five years and what plans are on the table in the next five years.  We investigate the full demographics in the area, including the availability of good schools, transport arrangements, entertainment, and the local cultural profile.  We will also investigate current house prices, and the background to the local property market speaking to a range of local property experts in the area, e.g. estate agents and other property investors etc. Property prices can go up as well as down but overall property prices increase.

We know, from experience, how important it is to choose well when it comes to off-plan property investment and development. Choosing well will make you money – choosing badly will not.

Buying off-plan means that your profit typically comes at the point of purchase, so we focus on finding the right investment for you.

In view of this it’s essential that, in the early stages, we identify exactly what you need and match that to one of our unique investment opportunities.

Why should you use Perfectly Linked Properties?

  • Helping a range of investors by providing strategic off-plan property investments in top locations.
  • Leverage our developers connections.
  • We work in partnership with established developers, solicitors, accountants and financial advisors.
  • Access to below market deals.
  • Saving you time.
  • Direct one to one support to guide you.
  • Bespoke strategy consultation to understand your objectives and outcomes required.
  • Ensuring adherence to the legalities of the property market.
  • Sustainability, selecting developments designed with both their residents and the environment in mind.
  • Providing strategic property investments in top locations.
  • Invest remotely.
  • Full one-stop-shop property solution which includes a property management and tenant-finding service using our local partners.
  • Working with our chosen development partners you get advanced access to off-plan properties before they go to general sale.

Buying off-plan offers many benefits, including increased returns and a lower initial investment, returning higher yields and high capital growth for our clients when completed.  We will streamline every process including site visits, liaising and legal work.

We bridge the gap between clients and developers and ensure a safe and supported investment experience – whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced investor.

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